The cold hard facts $$$$&


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This is the truth straight from the horses mouth so to speak, a really good teamster friend of mine.
Now please refrain from personal baby insults and that sorta crap. If you have nothing constructive to add to the convo then please find another thread to bash in. I bring the truth about what is going on in the IBT and how it will hurt the NCT drivers.

There is a mandate out to all local unions to organize as many trucking comp they can ASAP. Why might you ask me ? The answer is simple and the math is simple.

YRC employs over 26000 union members to the tune of $ 1,560,000 a month to the IBT give or take a few hounded thousand. If YRC goes belly up pretty much so do the teamsters. You might say WOW but how does that affect me at NCT. Well let's look at that the 220 drivers will be paying over 15000 a month & over 175,000 a year to the IBT to help offset the loss of over 1.5 million dollars.

Right now the IBT pension is almost broke the Central Stated Pension is pretty much broke so what is a business to do when it loses it's biggest customer and trust me the IBT is a business just like NCT is. The IBT must go out and secure NEW customers just like any other business does.

But here is the kicker. Your money will be funding a bankrupt pension plan for other members who have long ago retired, pretty much throwing bad money after bad money.

Men you have to ask yourself and your families is this worth my future ??? What is my 66.45 a month really going to get me FREE HEALTHCARE ( lie ) and a free pension from a bankrupt pension plan?

Teamsters didn't come to NCT looking for a hand out ! You need to wake up
Hard working drivers are looking for help. Teamsters don't put companies out of business

Bad management puts companies out of business..
Well my friend your wrong the IBT is mandating this because like any other company the IBT does not want to go out of business. Where did all that pension money go ?? Where did the Central State pension money go ? Do your homework my friend educate yourself on the real reasons the IBT is going out if business.
Well you think you've done your homework. #1 central states pension plan is not the plan 107 is connected with #2 you corporate friend at the top 2 positions at nct were part an parcel to the problems at yrc. #3 the money recieved from the central st ates plan is 105% more than the measly .25cents that nct now gives to employees only after employee puts 6% of their own money in.#4 jefcap investment co gave out 88.75 million in bonuses to their management team jow much came down to nct employees???
Don't worry about us, you and your 5 flunky office people should stop worrying about the drivers
Go play pac man on the company computer.
As usual no answers just insults why can't you face the truth ? Or should I say why can't you handle the truth and resort to silly baby insults. Your a sheep being led to a slaughter because you don't have the heart to speak for yourself and ask the hard questions like WHERE DID ALL OF THE PENSION MONEY GO ? Go to another thread please. If anyone has questions about the truth you can ask me. I don't have petty insults but I do have facts an the truth.
Point taken fat man but if the central stated goes belly up like it is who will be there to bail it out? The good ol IBT and your hard earned cash my friend. UPS already donated 1 billion to bail you out so there out of the game so tell me who is left to bite the bullet when all of the IBT pension goes belly up?
What's the matter darksky you can't come up with a rebuttal to the truth presented back at you by a more informed person than your boss.
Um I did answer you fatman see above and I even gave you a point taken so answer my question my friend,,,,, where did all that pension money go ? And I would much rather have .25 % of something rather than my money going to pay for a pension fun that is going to be bankrupt !! My money my choice.
since when was NCT a direct employee, Jefferies capital wouldnt be handing out bonuses to a company thatisnt making them money, where do u think the divide is coming from NCT says they are not making much profit, but the Union is trying to sniff out the financials they dont have access to...

Who is putting words in who's mouth?

fatman you are supposing alot based on some vague stuff buddy
of course the union is prepping for the loss of YRC...they need a smooth transition for those folks if the crap hits then fan

makes sense
Not vague sir straight facts from my portfolio management co that I put my money into whom invested my money into Jeffries LLC. Also as I said 107's pension fund isn't in financial jepardy as you keep stating in your antichoice statements.
In case you're unaware Jeffries llc is where jeffries capitol investment co gets its money from wich they purchase companies that meet their investment criteria. SIR.
While your checking facts presented to you ask top 3 bosses how much of the bonus money they recieve for keeping employees saleries at industry Lows. An office manager makes 15-20% more than nct pays. Not a guess either just ask ones that left.
actually i dobt you are someone who invests with jef cap if you were you must have an inside track on NCT?

if you knew anything about investing you would realize that if NCT was making all the money you suggested, they would help NCT go public so that they could get back their money for purchasing New Century

the company would in turn be publicly owned...

So why not go public? because its not where the company needs to be to go public, jefferies will bow out when NCT have the $$ to go public
we dont get paid industry lows last time i checked fatman,

and i highly doubt people get bonuses for paying people crap wages, i would love to see the fine print on that one SIR
I have nothing to dowith or am I conected to the union sir. Also investment companies do very little to increase their bottom rank employees salaries at a company they plan on dumping after they finaish skiming off every red cent they can. If you don't believe me go ask JEVIC. OH SORRY THEY WERE DISPOSED OF BY SUN CAPITOL PARTNERS.
doubtful, why would a capital company NOT dispose of an investment? because they have the potential to get profitable, jeff cap isnt goin to cut lose NCT because they want the return on the investment

they are motivated by $$, just like all of us

but YOU made the point for us very clear if the company isnt MAKING enough $$, neither are we!