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The Covid World


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Many talk about the new norm or the new world order, the fact that the entire world has gone nearly insane and have allowed themselves to be hoodwinked by some of the worst used car salesmen on this planet has created some real insane measures.

I came across something last week and nearly dismissed it because it just seemed to insane, but alas there is a growing movement sadly that the semen of unvaccinated males may in the end be worth more than many currencies in the end.

Like I said I dismissed it at first thinking it may have just been something going on in left field and that it was a statement being made at anti mandate protests, but it’s not.

Like all things once you get past the fog and start looking a bit deeper you can start doing the basics of putting 2+2 together. You can really start to connect the dots behind the scenes.

We all know now that at best the MRNA-DNA altering therapeutics that governments in there fear and desire for control really should have been limited to targeted segments of society that needed them the most. Even the R&D of these Pharma manufacturers revealed that short term as well as the still yet unknown side effects are harmful and life threatening. They are trying to restrict the data, but the clear fact of so many cases of deadly and harmful occurrences can no longer be denied.


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It is hard to believe that it’s been nearly 20 years since I decided to do some research based upon many of the telltale signs that were being projected about the direction “those/whoever they may be” were guiding us towards.

On this forum and published elsewhere I wrote a series partially describing almost exactly what we are witnessing today. I know some of you may remember those articles so I won’t repost them due to the length.

But if you remember one of the underlying discoveries even back then was the desire for population control. Covid for its various factors has not only transformed rational people “Covidian’s-vs-Pure Bloods”, it has fast tracked the so called GREAT RESET that the cabal of those truly pulling the strings desired.

In the New Covid World as mentioned there is already a movement taking place, be it quietly and un reported still for the most part, where people are waking up to the fact that these poisonous injections may have deeper underlying consequences.

When you have people like Bill Gates, Al Gore, Dr. Death himself as well as so many others pushing the same narrative when they are all recorded on record stating the need for population control, one should really pause and reflect: what is the ulterior motivation.


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I get it many will dismiss what I am saying at swinging in left field, but when you step outside the box and actually research a bit you discover many things not seen on the surface. It doesn’t take a genus to put 2+2 together or connect some dots.

Many of us were called conspiracy theorists for mentioning many of the things we now see taking place like vaccine mandates, Covid concentration camps, mandatory injections or you loose your job, segregation of society based on if you followed the party line and all, the list goes on and at the time I remember people saying that its all conspiracy.

Well the truth of the matter is it wasn’t then and it’s not now, you have to allow yourself the ability to see what truths they don’t want you to.

Oh sure they project what they intend, they always do, and that’s when you have to catch that blip and dig. They projected all along their intentions. It was there to be had, people just dismissed it.

So this brings us back to something I have been noticing but yet to post outside of a meme or two. In the younger generations - kids, teens, and those of child bearing age we have already witnessed the poison known as “vaccine” impact women’s menstrual cycles (that I have posted), we have already witnessed miscarriages, and still borns of those jabbed.


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We have witnessed the impact upon normal heathy and normally top physical conditioned individuals dropping from cardiac arrest and in cases death. We have witnessed heart condition's as well as various other side effects develop in younger people, yet despite all of this there is still a mass push to inject these poisons into younger and younger people.

Rational begs to question why?

Is it incompetence, is it fear? Why exactly are they pushing this so hard when there is proven safe alternatives. What exactly is taking place? It’s surly not all financial, there are other reasons and we can only speculate at this time what they may be.

The one thing positive coming out of this though is that many are waking up to the harms and crimes against humanity taking place. Some are starting to take things in their own hands and hedging against the Great Reset.

Along with this flying under the radar : unvaccinated semen will be the new bitcoin I came across the next article I will include on this thread. A movement to preserve “clean” humanity exists.

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Now this:

Vaccinated Women Are Now Lying About Their Vax Status As More Men See Them As Infertility Risk​

Everyone was told that those who did not get the jab would regret it, but now it seems that the opposite is true. In a startling reversal, women who have had the COVID vaccine are being shunned in the dating scene by potential partners due to issues with possible birth defects and infertility.

Women in New York have started lying about their vaccination status because of widespread perception among men that they are infertile or will bear children with birth defects. One man, who wants to remain anonymous, said:

“In clubs, they claim they’re NOT vax’d. They say things like ‘Oh COVID is ********‘ or ‘I don’t want to try this new experimental shot‘.
However, after going out with them several times, the women finally admit they took the vax . . . and watch as most potential husbands leave them almost on the spot.”


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The person went on to say that at least two separate women asked him why he would break off relations with them over something like the jab, and he told them:

“I don’t want defective children and I won’t get closer to a girl who lied to my face from the start.”
Reports of women who have been vaccinated experiencing birth defects are skyrocketingacross the world. A very early theory raised by many respected doctors was that the mRNA vaccine would interfere with a protein called Syncytin-1, which is crucial in pregnancy.

Unfortunately, many women ‘trusted the science‘ from the MSM and are now reaping the consequences of their government’s actions in amplifying propaganda and silencing dissenting voices.



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As most often is the case there will be an evolution or reconciliation of things.

Going Woke Will Get You Broke is gaining momentum.

People are leaving places like Twitter for Getter, leaving Fakebook for alternatives. CNN and MSNBC as well as Fox are loosing influence as well as marketshare.

A new segment such as a new alternative to places like Match.com or hookup sites like Tinder will develop as demand evolves


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Kansuda Wichaisuek: 25-Year-Old Doctor Dies 1 Month After Receiving Pfizer Booster Shot, Father Seeks Answers​

A healthy 25-year-old doctor in Thailand has died 1 month after receiving the Pfizer booster shot. Kansuda Wichaisuek, also known to her friends and family as “Dr. Po”, got her booster on December 7th and became seriously ill ten days later.

Dr. Po, a beloved 25-year-old physician in the Thai city of Ratchaburi, had her booster shot on December 7th and suffered no immediate symptoms. However, ten days later on December 17th, Po started to experience side effects including high temperature and fever. She took a COVID test which came back negative and blood was also drawn which showed no problems.

Her body temperature, which was as high as 40 degrees, persisted and she was hospitalized on December 23rd.



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Vanessa Martins Figueiredo: 13-Year-Old Dies After Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine, Investigation Launched​

An investigation has been launched into the death of a 13-year-old girl from Araranguá, Brazil who died shortly after her first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, reports Brazilian news outlet Revista Oeste.

Vanessa Martins Figueiredo received her first shot on November 9th and developed Bell’s Palsy five days later.

The teenager from the city of Araranguásuffered facial paralysis and weakness on one side of her face just five days after the Pfizer jab and was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. She underwent treatment with the medicine corticosteroids (an anti-inflammatory) for her condition.

However, her health worsened over the weeks and she was hospitalized on December 29thwith respiratory problems. The 13-year-old was then intubated and transferred to the Joana de Gusmão Children’s Hospital in Florianópolis on January 2nd.

Its not funny anymore in some ways.

There is TALK among people if you sit quietly long enough for them to get going about something.

There appears to be a developing black market of sorts... I cannot find the correct words so must substitute black market. where people are considering paying infected covid persons to sit for dinner with them and get infected on purpose banking on omicron to be a vaccine itself. Once infected, there is no need to jab because it confers natural immunity. Which is what we believe in. (Who is this we? Well that depends on whose and which wes you are running with)

There is already talk among some of the ladies where a man who is unvaccinated would be essentially stud like a horse farm for the semen that is not corrupted regardless of age. We are already there. Its outrageous.

The same goes for blood products and other functions I suppose among the unvaxxed for the gain or useful purpose of those who have lost it. It would not be difficult for say a drug user to set a IV line and transfer a pint directly into another human on the street for a hundred dollars to a infected person trying to get better. Or such a IV drug user using his or her skills to set a IV in people who dont know how.

People are going to engage in things that I would consider to be unacceptable in many ways but it is a direct reaction to increasingly draconian acts by a Government intent on crushing the people. and what we will get out of this situation are things for which I think either obsolete laws would need updating or new laws created to ban and punish for these practices.

I could continue writing but at this time there is a shift going on and its going to be quite something. Good or bad? Well... What is bad if it is a act of defiance or rebellion against a wilful government intent on crushing the Population? Its similar to a shooting war where people discard normal law and order of doing regular life.

The entire government can undo all of this mess in a day. Simply by stopping their activities post 2018 and ending all this vaccine, covid and medical anything. Leave the people alone and everything will be fine in due time. If not? That same government might find themselves overthrown either in a shooting civil war, coup de etat or some other method.


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“I Am Upset Because We Don’t Talk Enough About the Side Effects” – Triple Vaccinated Swiss Olympic Athlete Sarah Atcho Develops Pericarditis​


26-year-old Swiss sprinter and Olympic athlete, Sarah Atcho, was diagnosed with pericarditis five days after receiving a Pfizer booster shot, the Covid world reported.

Sarah Atcho announced on her social media accounts on Monday that she was diagnosed with pericarditis (inflammation of the thin membrane surrounding the heart).



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Hazel O’Connor: Punk Icon In Induced Coma 1 Month After Receiving COVID-19 Booster Shot​

British punk icon Hazel O’Connor was rushed to hospital last week after suffering “bleeding on the brain”, according to her brother Neil. The punk singer collapsed at her home in southwest France on January 9th and subsequently spent 24 hours in an induced coma.

O’Connor had received her COVID booster shot on December 8th, just a month prior to the incident.



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Marco Da Graca: Fully Vaccinated Juventus Striker Develops Heart Arrhythmia, Will Undergo Surgery​

Juventus striker Marco De Graca will undergo heart surgery after he was diagnosed with heart arrhythmia, reports Juventus FC. De Graca, who made his Champions League debut last month, will now be forced to sideline for at least 30 days.

The news of De Graca’s heart problems comes shortly after Bayern Munich star Alphonso Davies was diagnosed with myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle. Davies had received his COVID booster shot during the winter break in December.



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6-Year-Old Boy in Portugal Dies From Cardiac Arrest Days After Receiving First Dose of Pfizer COVID-19 Jab​

A six-year-old boy from Santa Maria, Portugal has passed away days after receiving the first dose of the experimental Pfizer COVID-19 injection.

The hospital said in a statement that the child was admitted to Hospital de Santa Maria on Saturday with “a condition of cardiorespiratory arrest.”

It’s suspected the boy had an adverse reaction from the injection taken days before his tragic death.

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