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The Crumbling Narrative


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This editorial breaks it down to nuts and bolts and surprisingly written by a student. How many knew doctors were exempt from forced boosters?​

Editorial: UChicago Must End Its Booster Mandate—We Are Not Lab Rats​

UChicago continues to defy scientific and moral standards, dehumanizing us in the process.​



I live Here
You really can’t make this up

Warning labels on CIGARETTES now changed to cover for Covid vaccine-induced deaths claiming “small amounts” of SMOKE trigger “sudden blood clots, heart attacks and strokes”​

(Natural News) Cigarette smoke and even second-hand smoke somehow, all of a sudden, can trigger blood clots, heart attacks and strokes, according to cigarette manufacturers and distributors. This comes as a huge coincidence in its timing as millions of people around the world who have been injected with Fauci Flu shots are now suffering or have died from those exact “side effects.” What you are about to see is Big Tobacco covering for Big Pharma as cigarette warning labels now pretend that cigarettes will kill or maim you the same exact way that the Covid jabs do. One hand washes the other.

How convenient. In just one year, cigarette smoke, even second-hand smoke, since it has been proven by science to be just as deadly as what the smoker breathes in, is now causing instant blood clots that kill you. Surely the masses will think this is “science” and the CDC just trying to help.

All those soccer players must smoke 3 packs a day and a blunt for good measure
What with the smoking I once did in those days in the high altitudes I should be dead. But I aint.

Grandpa was worse than I was with his boxes of King Edwards. He finally dropped and stayed buried. (Key word finally.)

I dont worry about it anymore. A drink here and a smoke there.. None of that substandard paper crap that people try to save a dollar at the gas station.


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Sweden Drops Negative COVID-19 Test Requirement to Enter Country​

Sweden took a positive step to end COVID insanity that still plagues much of the world by dropping their negative test requirement to enter the country.

They recognize the mild omicron variant is too widespread, and redundant restrictions on incoming travelers won’t impact the number of internal cases.



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GE drops Mandates for their 56,000 employees

The Great Wall of vaccine mandates that President Joe Biden hoped to build between unvaccinated Americans and their jobs has begun to crumble.

General Electric, which had been putting in place a vaccine mandate policy to conform to the Biden administration’s rule requiring one, has announced that it is dropping the plan, according to Just the News, which said the plan would have impacted 56,000 workers.



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Doctor Tells Patient On Phonecall Not To Take Any More COVID Vaccines Because They’ll Soon Be Halted Globally​

A shocking video has emerged on social media of a doctor telling a UK woman not to take any more COVID vaccines as the shots are about to be halted globally.

In the video, a woman named Chelsea Harman had called a doctor last week in a telemedicine appointment after she had developed 3 lumps on her head following her first shot on Friday, January 14th. Shockingly, the doctor whose name is unknown, then tells her not to take any more shots as the worldwide vaccination scheme is about to come to an end as new information has emerged that the public has not yet been made aware of.



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My how the times are a changing

Starbucks nixes vaccine mandate after Supreme Court ruling


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Lawmakers Urge FDA to Explain ‘Unusual Decision’ to Clear Booster Shots for Children​

Twenty-five members of Congress are asking U.S. drug regulators to explain why they cleared COVID-19 vaccine booster shots for 12- to 15-year-olds without consulting a panel of expert advisers.

The population is at little risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19 but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) earlier this month authorized a booster of Pfizer’s shot for the age group.

They also asked for an explanation of why the panel was not convened before the “unusual decision,” including what factors were utilized and what scientific materials the FDA relied upon.

“We owe it to Americans to stand up against bureaucrat-driven policies that take away power and information from parents to make good choices for their children. The FDA’s unusual decision to bypass their normal committee approval process puts children at risk. The accumulation of mistaken federal policies carried out by executive fiat in response to the pandemic—from lockdowns, to perpetual masking, and rushed vaccine policies—deeply concern me,” Roy told The Epoch Times in an emailed statement.

“Democrats from [President] Joe Biden all the way down to county and city officials have spent the last two years trying to stop parents from choosing what’s best for their children by closing schools, imposing authoritarian mandates, and selectively enforcing lockdowns. These petty tyrants have shamefully vilified and persecuted the parents who dared to challenge them.


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Dr. Robert Malone: The Coordinated Propaganda Debunked, Calls out Pfizer hard for lies… especially about children​



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The narrative is falling apart, piece by piece​

The momentum feels to me like it is accelerating... Here are four important new developments you should be aware of.​

Here are the four new truths:

  1. The vaccines make you more likely to get COVID: It was supposed to make things better, but we’re basically mandating you get a shot that makes you more likely to get infected. That is totally insane, but that’s what we are doing. Check out the graphs here. No age confounding this time: UK Government Data proves the Covid-19 Vaccines DOUBLE your chances of catching Covid-19.
  2. The vaccines aren’t safe: I’m now hearing a lot from prominent formerly pro-vax docs that they are turning on the vaccine. This is great news. Nobody is going public yet, but they are all pissed and realize they have been misled. It will not be pretty. This is of course great news.
  3. Cloth masks don’t work: The CDC finally admits that cloth masks that they said worked before and that everyone wore (including Rochelle Walensky) don’t actually work. The other mask types don’t work either, but it will take them longer to figure out the obvious. P100 respirators do work but only a small percentage of people know that. I can’t wait to see Rochelle Walensky wear a P100 respirator; after all, she should be modelling best practices.
  4. Kids shouldn’t have boosters shots: Top WHO scientist finally admits that kids shouldn’t get boosted!!!! Yet the US colleges and universities aren’t going to back off. Someone is very wrong here and for once it isn’t the WHO.


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Here are some older truths that should have been realized by now, but are still going on:

  1. Remdesivir is killing patients, not saving them: RDV is standard operating procedure in the US, but everyone I talk to says it doesn’t work and is much more likely to kill patients than save them. Doctors are forced to give it by hospital policy.
  2. Social distancing doesn’t work: The MIT study came out in April, 2021 that showed social distancing makes no difference. 6 feet or 60 feet made no difference. People still haven’t figured this out.
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