ABF | The Duck Club !!


TB Lurker
To quote groucho marx " I wouldn't want to be a member of any club that wanted me as a member" Mr. Davidson gets his money to ride into the sunset including 7 million dollars this upcoming year while our company faces this historic economic crisis plus access to the corporate jet ...wonder what that's worth. If I retired I couldn't even get access to a UPAK !! Membership to a Duck club, well let's face it he deserves all this for his many years of service & dedicating his life to ABF.....just like Mr. Kemp's & Ms. McReyonlds raises (oh I mean promotions) & all the other elite white shirt tie wearing leaders of this company that swapped raises for stocks then were paid dividens on those stocks to cover the raises. What do we get for our long service & dedication to this company? a chance to have our salaries rolled back 5 years & find another part time job in order to cover my bills for my family. Something is really wrong here & I belive I know what it is......BECAUSE IF IT WALKS LIKE A DUCK, QUACKS LIKE A DUCK...IT MUST BE A DUCK !!!!!! VOTE NO TO EXTORION, VOTE NO TO WORKER ABUSE, VOTE NO LESS MONEY FOR THE WORKING MAN VOTE YES TO A FAIR DAY"S PAY FOR A FAIR DAY'S WORK. WE WORK IN 2010 WE GET PAID WITH 2010 WAGES JUST LIKE OUR MANAGEMENT IN FT. SMITH
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