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The Electric Vehicle Scam


We were promised flying cars as well, maybe one day we can have those as well.

Yeah. And they literally said that people can’t handle driving a car on the road. Why would we let them fly ? Some really good tech out there right now. They look like giant drones. Two seaters. Impressive stuff. They just ain’t gonna let people have them.


I live Here
EPIC FAIL: Climate Change Cult Leader Can't Make It To Her Climate Rally Because Her Electric Car Will Take Hours To Charge

Former San Luis Obispo mayor and climate change activist Heidi Harmon attempted to “do the right thing,” and travel to a rally in San Francisco in an electric car. After multiple attempts to find a working charging station in San Jose, Harmon realized charging the car would take up to seven hours and there was no way she could make the rally. Harmon posted multiple videos about her difficulties in traveling in an all-electric vehicle. She discusses calling the police or asking someone to send a helicopter to rescue her.

Harmon spearheaded an effort last summer to enact a city energy policy requiring all-electric new buildings. At that time, Mayor Harmon sat on the Central Coast Energy Board of Directors, the electric energy company she was promoting. Harmon stepped down from her mayoral seat in August to battle climate change, Harmon said. Harmon is now working as a senior public affairs director for the Romero Institute’s Let’s Green CA initiative, a nonprofit affiliated with Central Coast Community Energy.

Harmon posted multiple videos during her attempt to charge the electric car she was driving on the Lets Green CA Instagram page, which she later shared to her own Instagram page. Since then, some of the videos have been deleted, and Harmon disabled her personal Instagram page.



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