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Discussion in 'Wilson Trucking' started by bigbird42368, May 6, 2015.

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    Congrats to you all for the wage increase you received. It's been a long time coming. I was hoping you guys and gals would get more but as an old adage says "It is What it Is". You deserve the best.
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    After eleven years, an average of 45.00 a week pay increase should feel like a cold shovel to the face. Keep in mind that WTVA didn't GIVE anyone anything. This raise came and the cost of sweat equity provided by the employees who had to relinquish their earned vacation time as well as the many weeks of vacation time the company saved during the mass exodus of long term employees over the past year or so. The company also saved money when after thirty years of service, they turned their backs on the retired employees by canceling their insurance benefits thereby paving the way for this ridiculous raise. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be feeling too good about the raise knowing it came at a price to others and I certainly wouldn't be happy that the company chose to do unto others what they have done to make it appear that a wage increase was possible due to increased revenue. They should be ashamed. This of course is just my opinion.
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    Maybe that is the reason that Wilson is "begging" for drivers. Here in the Valley, they are running ads in the newspapers and Craigslist. When you see the same company keep running ads, you know something is wrong. A company that pays good, has good benefits and treat their employees as human beings, does not have to advertise for help.

    My dad told me years ago, if you see a company running ads after ads for help, you don't want to work there.

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