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It looks like you will be able to see where you fall in seniority before you make your decision as far as I can tell.

severance package

full time
2 weeks per each year of service (minimum 12 weeks and max 40 weeks)
$1500 transition assistance
outplacement workshops

part time
$3000 lump sum
(must have 20 years average per week)

sept 16-17 managers to inform employees about merger and specific impacts
sept 20 managers/hr to distribute hourly workforce merger option and voluntary severance decision form to affected employees along with data regarding available locations based on work distribution, number of available positions by job classification and seniority lists (no names)
sept 20-27 accept volunteers for severance in accordance with merger process guidelines
sept 20-oct 4 affected employees complete hourly workforce merger option and voluntary severance decision form with their choice of locations ranked in order of preference
oct 4-15 hr to reconcile forms and work with managers to notify employees of their new work location
oct 18-22 hr to work with managers to notify displaced employees. the mrger staffing decision form will be provided which allows displaced employees to choose between a 90day layoff effective upon the merger or separation/termination of employment on jan 29 2001, with severance paid following receipt of a signed release
jan 14 merger staffing decision form due
jan 30 merger effective


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I heard that the only way you can go for the severance is if your terminal is one of the ones being closed. Has anyone heard anything about this and can clear it up? Thanks.
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