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Noticing Road tractors are starting to be adjusted (speed), contractually 65, Actually 62.
What is the recourse, grievance? Anyone else experiencing this huge increase?
In the contract all units set at 65, heard in Atlanta. Was not doing 15 and 16 series. Also been in 17 series running. 61 , 62 max speed.
I don't know the timeline or deadline the company is allowed to change maximum speed to 65. I did not see the wording on that in the contract. The company can't do it over night. The older units that will go to the city or be sold will probably not be reset.
The contract wording I read was that the power units would be set to a maximum speed of 65. The new KW's not already in service will probably be set on 65 before they are delivered.
The last time tractor speed was in the contract the company was required to set the 2002 & earlier year model units to maintain 60 MPH under normal or reasonable highway conditions & the 2003 & newer units would be set to 62. The language on this contract is that the tractors will be set to a maximum of 65. I don't see any number on what speed the tractors would be required to maintain.
Some drivers back then interpreted the contract to say that the tractors would be required to run that speed up any hill or against a strong wind.
I wonder if the company will lengthen the distance on any runs now.
If the company had to rearrange routes and lanes due to the fancy new computer equipment, you can bet that bumping the speeds up on tractors might have something to do with those pretty screens staring at you in the cab.

When ABF acquired Carolina they kept the sleeper operation that ran out of Orlando for several years. Carolina had Freightliner sleepers at the time of the acquisition. They were replaced with Macks, then the Petes replaced the Macks, then Sterlings replaced the Petes. The Orlando sleeper operation was then discontinued & later it was revived on the West coast. The Pete sleeper's had Caterpillar power. We saw them in Little Rock occasionally. These were the only Pete's I know of that ABF ever had.
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saw a new Kenworth T/ screw on 95 in fl. looks good from opposite side of hiway

This is the first KW fleet buy for ABF. KW has been trying for several years to get their foot in the door at ABF. They came close on bids in the past. When ABF acquired Navajo there was one KW in the fleet. It was a C/O sleeper. It was hauled into LR with a cracked block caused by running it in from Chicago with bent push tubes. It had quite a history in the fleet.
Apparently the sleeper operation out of Orlando was not profitable. The Sterling sleeper tractors had low mileage when the sleeper operation was discontinued & those tractors were put in the road fleet for a while to be utilized before the scheduled trade cycle took them out. Most of the Sterling day cabs that year model were put in the city fleet but the sleepers were not practical for city operation so they were sold.
ive driven new KWs twice, like the 65mph. alot of new to get used to. I was told that our shop did not have a code or codes to increase the speed to full 65mph. The manufacturers wont give codes, want ABF to pay them to do it, But how?? Playing hardball by both frtliner, mack, no new buys, business to KW... The shops are doing something, the macks have increased 1 mph, all frt liners, none. So i pose the question again, What our recourse if ABF does not get these turned up, its contractual, sort of like A/C
I had 17646 today the speedometer showed 65 eld showed 63 and my GPS showed 64. Mine is the one I believe. I wrote it up doing 64 not the contractual 65.
I had 17646 today the speedometer showed 65 eld showed 63 and my GPS showed 64. Mine is the one I believe. I wrote it up doing 64 not the contractual 65.

I was told by our shop super when the road tractors come in for service they are turned up at that time. they have the codes for both Freightliners and Macks. I have driven the new KW's it doe's 66. this will get me in trouble. must pay attention.
Be Safe out there guy's
Im writing up every unit not doing 65. We have a memo posted in several locations from ABF, that road power will be 65. I will give it time, but will grieve this if not done sooner than later. Most guys dont think much of it. I run a 2lane, passing a dangerous thing, with me being the reason at 60/61.. So i find this more urgent. Otherwise, Im in no hurry.
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