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Anybody now what the little speaker looking thing is over the radio in the center of the dash? I know it isn't a speaker even though it looks like one. I cant find any function for it. The vorad is in the dash. The lane departure is over your head. So it isn't to any of them.
I have to say I am sick of the T680 slamming on the breaks whenever it feels like it. It has happened to me 4 times. Our other drivers that have the T680 have had it happen too. It will even do I with nothing in front of you! I just hope it doesn't happen on icy roads or at highway speeds!!
Send it to KW. We sent ours to them and after quiet the discussion and 3 weeks debating, KW made some changes( none that they will acknowledge) and it works fine now. The spot on the headliner is the CB external speaker. Mine works fine ,but let the speculation continue.....Racer
RC is not worried about it in the least little bit. Currently RC's yard has 2007 trucks. By the time these new trucks show up, RC will be retired.
Damn, I looked at those same images and was stunned beyond speech...what you did to that flock of sheep....really weird dude...just out there...RC, you need to party with this dude.....
I heard when he calls his cows they come running to him backwards carrying a heavy duty 5 gallon bucket.(for standing on)
The speaker on the dash is your radar alert also. The other day my blood was starting to boil from the damn beeping and needless to say, it has a knuckle print on it. But when u get close to a car put ur hand over it u will hear small beeps coming from that and the loud ones above head. Btw we have been getting about 6 of the t680s in everyday from the dealer and they just brought 4 twin screws in friday
I have one of these new T680's. They are nothing but problems. I'm wondering what problems other drivers are finding. One of ours was stuck in 6th gear and had to go to KW for repairs. Besides the automatic brakes kicking on at will and the windshield camera picking up anything and buzzing in your ear, now the dash cluster and lights are turning on and off at will. I had my entire cluster decide to stop working for an hour. Now none of the cluster lights will work. I told the shop about it and they said they know there is a problem but as long as they come back on eventually there is nothing they can do. Luckily now it won't come back on so it was sent to KW yesterday. They need to figure this out if we are going to keep buying these things!