ODFL | The No Drama Carrier ?

Had to look it up $40 health, $6 dental there is an eye but i don't have that one.
Job security....LOL.....don't think anyone has that anymore, anywhere.
Just saw memo (all CAPS,guess BS likes to yell at us) about 3 drivers fired for excessive speeding. yea they needed to go. Funny part was mountains and gravity have nothing to do with speed only drivers bypassing governor or rolling in neutral( EVIL drivers), cant just be heavy and let it roll. That's just to simple. LOL
When I say job security I mean that as long as you do what you are supposed to do you will not worry about your job. Here at Reddaway we do not know day to day what our future is, YRC stock (they own us) is down to about .22 cents per share everyday we wonder will they close the doors? sell us off? absorb us into Yellow? it wears on you after awhile. As if life itself is not stressful enough at times! LOL
about the only thing i can find to think about complainig about would be waiting on my loads to be ready so i can roll. but thats it at this point. compared to the last company i worked for i am happy to wait for my loads.
I wish I could get on. But I've had to many jobs in the last 4 years (on my 5th job) But i have reasons why. One company was going out of business and another company cut my hours to 25 hrs a week so I left there and went to Saia where I'm currently at. I was at Saia for a week when I seen OD hiring and really wished I couldve gotten on. I want to be a linehaul driver but we only have 12 runs at Saia and its going to take a long time to get a into linehaul. Theres also alot of drama and no maintence on equipment and alot of the equipment has a almost a million or has over a million miles on em. But I hope all is good at OD. Drive safe
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