The Real Poop?


I really can't believe so many on here can't see through all this smoke and mirrors bs. The crap company and their representives, the teamsters onion are so in cahoots together it makes me puke.
They have come up with such a great scam to benefit both of them. Why didn't they ask for more money, no need to. Work rule changes, just a side deal. The real frosting on the cake is that 4 hour crap. When the borg pass this there will be 1000,s laidoff. If a terminal has 100 hours worth of work they'll bring in 25 guys. No benefits to pay, no vacations, nothing. But the most incrediblely sweet deal is the stank onion will be collecting $52 a month from every one of them. Full time dues for a part time job. Multiply that throughout the system and pos hoffa is getting some serious bonus money while the members get the boner.
Vote yaz and prove me wrong!