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UPS FREIGHT The ultimate power play

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by Teamsta II, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Teamsta II

    Teamsta II Trump is a big baby

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    Ups pulled the ultimate power play with the slow shut down. Ultimately it was possible in part to the either collusion of hoffa or his incompetence. Neither of which is inspiring.

    I hope for everyone's sake you all realize that the ibt is owned by ups. There is no independent third party union. It is an in house company sponsored representative.
    The ibt has limited powers granted to it by law and also liabilities as such.

    Don't ever put your faith in the ibt, you are nothing more than a middle man in a ups, ibt business transaction.
  2. omegaman

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    Without UPS Parcels added leverage in any negotiations UPSF has no clout by itself ever. I truly believe that Teamsters never got over the embarassment of Overnite never voting to unionize on their own. That was a big setback to their ego with all the publicity, then Overnite voted yes with the UPS purchase and seems Teamsters let the company do whatever with us as payback. JMHO
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  3. Crumudgeon

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    UPS Freight was offered up to the Union on a silver plate by UPS as a compensation for allowing them to pull out of the pension fund. The card check almost guaranteed it would pass. They even removed some upper-level management that were anti-union. You let us keep our pension money, we will give you 8,500 members.. I once heard a vice-president on a conference call say, "don't worry about that fffin union, we own that fffin union".

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