Central Transport | the undead walks again


TB Lurker
like many I took a few weeks away from the boards, recharged myself physically and mentally spent time with family and friends. I have been networking putting a plan B together, not sure what my future holds but I will be the master of my destiny. Do I expect an easy time with this transition not really,do I expect a warm welcome no I do not, I have spent the last 2 weeks saying too many goodbyes, I have not seen one person yet from my terminal that wants to go over.
Good Luck undead I already made my change to another company and the One I went to is a dream job compared to Vitran or Central, People are great lot of help with things and all seem to care about you. Wish I would have made this change YEARS ago instead of 20 years later. Their are still some good company's out there hope you find one. I will still miss all the friends I got to know over the many years I worked at Vitran but it was time to move on. GOOD LUCK and God Bless.