The Union's Last Sales Pitch


TB Lurker
Well now we have heard it all,

the union says we will get a pay raise

longer vacations

mandated lunches


guaranteed hours

better medical

imrpoved work relationships


WOW SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE...o wait???? thats because it is

ever heard the old saying if it sounds too good to be true,...then it probably is??? yea that holds true for this too

they CANNOT possibly deliver EVERYTHING they continue to promise... its laughable

Dont fall for the sales all comes down to the union politics
Better than hearing we know you work hard but sorry went can't give you a raise cause we have to send the millionaires at jefferies another 50 million this year .. How come westernfreightways has gotten raises the last 6 years
OMG you just made the point for us,,,, western has grown consistently each year,you must have heard that by now

or have you not been to a single driver meeting???
Nctshopsteward, I thought Western was also owned by Jeffries, oh wait I bet those guys out west don't take the crap dealt to the east coast children. Sounds like east coast discrimination to me. Unfortunately the east coast boys can't do nothing about it cause they can't fight for themselves let alone get some representation!!!!
Sorry Mark I don't need my diaper changed the majority of us here are big boys and can handle the truth. Now why don't you run off and call your daddy with the really cool earring and have him change your diaper and powder your arse.

You do get up early enough to have a driver meeting with me . All you in mgmt didn't give a crap about anyone until the unions showed up ?? .just remember after we vote in 107 Tuesday the dock is next .
Fact can't get any longer vacation get 4 weeks now
Mandated lunch I take as many as needed based on my hours

Overtime I want it
Cheaper medical yes tru the union
Pension of course
Pay raise .who doesn't
So your telling me your happy with your current situation ?
So vote no then
Me I'm voting yes
Yup that sucks but take a look at what other trucking company's fave back and will continue to give back.

YRC 15 % 1 weeks vacation and nothin into the pension. NCT still only 5%.

ABF over 10 % Loss of vacation reduced pension and NCT still only 5%.

ABF will be closing 30 terminals this year.
YRC will be voting for their jobs in a few days with MORE give backs,,

NCT still only 5 % .
Now it's nap time play nice fellas.

Yes !!! this troll is back .... People i know are voting YES just because who you are and all the lies you have told ... I know !!! Everyone knows for the last time about the promises .. What about the 5% we never got back ? They did say you would get it back, What about all the times you drivers are coming in and getting your PAPERWORK and start crying about everything ... stop being a baby !!! think smart and vote yes ! Do they not give the new drivers a sales pitch ? Yes it sounds good we know better , anything is better then whats going on now .. I was ask not to answer you .. But your just a funny person ...
you mean the lies you have told?

the reason this is going to a vote and wasnt an overwhelming majority are because of experiences we all have had with unions...

BAD experiences
Why so many of us despise the UNION Movement

For most of us, there wasn't one defining moment that told us to "fight." it was a build up of disgust at what we saw from unions who cared more about their power base and politics than how their members were doing.

We understand that some of you may still be trying to form your opinions and may be thinking now, "we are the union" and that "we, the members" can reform the movement for the benefit of the members. In reality you cant,...the union is based in heavy polictics...which you have seen if you have been to a meeting. when doing something from an individual standpoint within the union, you wont find support unless you are politically vested. there is something drastically wrong with that picture.

What's worse, the more we learn, the more we found that the union movement was based on an ideal that had long since been buried. Today's union bosses have become, in my opinion, every bit as entrenched in their power than the "bosses" in business we were trained to fight.

why are we fighting so vigorously for this at New Century? to help our fellow drivers, we needed to expose the UNIONS DOWNFALLS and TRAPS and get us back to the way we were treated traditionally, before the downturn

Dont Give in to the Unions Promises VOTE NO
As a former employee I don't have much to say about the current situation but I will say this. How does a company get away with no pay increase in 6 years on top of the 5% cut? It's time for all the employees to stand up for yourself and be heard. You should all be out side 45 east park drive waiving pickets . Remember that company And executives are nothing without the drivers, dock, office , and shop. The morale must be pretty low and is that a comfortable working environment?
I think the drivers going to the Union speaks for itself--call it what you want say its "only" 30% that want it. I now what the management that post on here really think of their employees....simply put, they dont care----you should be happy it was only 5% and the best they can come up with is yrc / abf / cmon man, do you think were not smarter than that ? why didnt the driver get the 5% back then? if your tired of the BS vote with your gut tells me vote YES.
Anyone that is sitting on the fence should not listen to a few on here that want to give NCT their strength back. They must have something to lose. It has been proven what NCT has done to us over and over again! We have answered questions over and over again. We have asked other Teamsters to help and answer their questions, but no matter what, they would put them down and make up demeaning stories...etc. Nothing to do with the issues! I don't care whether they are Drivers or not I never in my years have I seen men not want a better life for themselves or their families. All they talk about is the Union Dues which are nothing! The plus's out-weigh the minus's! We have a long road ahead of us and we need to Unite. Vote what is right for you, your family and your fellow drivers! Vote Yes for Teamster Representation!
Whether you're for,against,or indifferent to union , all most admit moves by management in past year have been strange. They had to see possible union vote. Their response was to lower hiring standards to lowest in industry, in order to hire cheaper labor.Very little to improve an aging fleet of equipment that spends more time in repair than on the road.Spending a huge amount of money on a handheld device, that has been a joke. One year on programming something that frustrates drivers and wastes a huge amount of man hours. Wonder who got kick back on bad device and poor programming. A CEO who is the invisible man and an arrogant president who seems more focused on trying to prove to drivers he is a tough guy than actually looking to improve things, thats usually a sign of someone who is in over his head, and putting up a smoke screen. I see many posts on here from anti union people referring to YRC. Odd, since the two guys holding your future in their hands came from YRC and were a part of one billion dollar merger that made a few people very rich and left thousands of others in jeopardy.