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POLITICS The United States is done, we are no longer a Nation of freedom.

Discussion in 'Washington D.C.' started by dcmilkwagon, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. dcmilkwagon

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    Democrats ditch historic U.S. Senate rule blamed for gridlock.

    Democrats ditch historic U.S. Senate rule blamed for gridlock

    By changing a House rule that has been in effect for over 225 years, Harry Reid has put an end to the Senate, they are nothing more than unics now. This one act of subversion of our Constitution should be the nail in the coffin of the Democratic party. Funny how things turn when you move from the minority to the majority, just remember harry and barry, the 2014 elections are less than a year away. What were these two un=American traitors saying about changing the nuclear option just 8 years ago?

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    noun \ˈtir-ə-nē\

    : cruel and unfair treatment by people with power over others

    : a government in which all power belongs to one person : the rule or authority of a tyrant
  3. Bubba74

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    I remember the outrage in 2005 when the Reps threatened this

    Well, Harry has actually done it. Now, appoint as many left winged regressive judges as possible to keep the agenda rolling despite elections results.
    This truly is a sad day in American history another one brought to us by the Dems

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