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These Locals Need a Testosterone Checkup


How about you take your own advice, stop your crying, and Deal With It.

I hope you remember those words when you get to retirement time and the fund is completely broke. Unfortunately YRC is building the coffin for all of us and the Union officials are supplying the wood and nails for them. Remember when you are sitting around with a retired Union official, or some big corp. big wig with plenty of $$$ and you have a discussion how you pension has disappeared and you can't quite make it on social security, just shut your mouth and DEAL WITH IT!! As for me I am glad I voted no, and my local 179 didn't make the above list. P.S. Zollars well earned and well funded vacation begins soon. Have a good life "brother".


Central States Participant Since 1976

Uh, could you hold these while I cough?:LMAO: