Things must be that bad !


TB Lurker
Stop and think , the company keeps leaving none union nice glossy crap on the tables for you to read , the same stuff most of you all know , they must think you people are not that bright .. local drivers are aware of the past of some union .. Things are just that bad here at NCT .. How can they justify not giving something for the cost of living ... Nothing !!! after six years ... So stop with the NONE UNION .. That management team made this happen to themselves ... They should have news letters out saying , wow we screwed and stop blaming the Union ... But then again M O that's how it works take from the bottom and give to the top ... Didn't you say something like that at the local drivers breakfast .. Thats right thats how it works something like that ... Correct me if I'm wrong please ? Or better !! people i know that work at NCT are on the fence about Voting .. After finding out there is no fence stopping you from leaving M O . They have change there minds and now are Voting yes .. you think being here for just a year or less ..makes it okay ? NO , people here have work hard to build this company and now to see it get run down the tubes , management has made people turn to a Union is correct ... you should be out in the parking lot handing the drivers coffee in the mornings, they gave you a job .. YOU ROAD MEN , LADY'S and local drivers make it happen ... LONG DAYS AND AWAY FROM HOME ... Just one percent back may have changed things ... But NOTHING .. or did someone in management get something ?
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