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Discussion in 'Saia' started by Demolitionman, Feb 29, 2012.

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    New trucks, new trailers, new load bars, new phones, various new tools to help city drivers, and Vnomics installations.......yet no new friggin GEARS!! It's getting to be to the point sad. Everyone simply played dolly spotter last night. You come in with a set, break them down, and spot your gear in front of someone else's rear trailer. We use to have a dolly for every two pups at my home terminal, until a few months ago when Dan G. decided we didn't need all of them even though if we had 12 gears, we loaded 24 pups. Now we are having to run 53's for most of our break trailers b/c we use pups for our directs. That means an extra run or two having to be loaded b/c of watching the weight on the vans. Last night the Op's manager said from now on we are getting all 53's back from ATL. I like running van for van, don't get me wrong, but ATL has a hard time loading a 26k van that isn't over on the driver. It's also causing delays in freight for those that need a gear. Please, please, wise up managment...and buy some dollies.
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    I asked about them at our quarterly meeting.. Deer in the headlight look.. I just shook my head.:regretful:
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    I would suggest, if you have some old single axles that you want to get rid of, drive them to ATL. If ATL loads a 53 and it is over on the drives, take the trailer back to the dock and let them make the choice, either strip and reload the trailer in order to make it legal or give you a tandem. Either way, you come out legal and you may pick up a tandem. HST got so tired of having to explain the late departures due to reworking a trailer to make it single axle legal that they gave up a tandem and it was smooth sailing after that.
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    Just a funny story on this topic....was just at a meet point, and there were FIVE dollies with mechanical problems. Tried to report it to Central, got the run around, got the same with the Dallas shop, finally called Portland and reported them. Sometimes, drivers just don't care.....
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    :chairshot: Come on it costs a lot of money to throw out perfectly good city drivers shirts, and replace them with white grease magnets, They allready look like crap with dirt and grease stains. Not a very smart way to spend money, cant say much for the vnomics instead of BUYING some electroinc gizmo , TEACH the drivers the more efficent driving skills, with smith system training .

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