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This is kind of interesting



Milley Plans to Have Nonbinary They/Thems Serve Openly in the Military​

Incompetent fool General Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wants people who are confused about what gender they are to serve in our military openly.

The Defense Department has quietly begun looking into how it can allow troops whose gender identity is nonbinary to serve openly in the military, three advocates familiar with the situation told Military.com.

You can bet China, Russia, and Iran are quaking in their boots at how we are fleshing out our woke military
If China or Russia is planning to make a move now’s the time. With the lame duck president and the goofy administration they can pull anything.


Only when you care to send the very best

Hundreds of Troops Complain About ‘Woke’ Racism, Extremism Training, Cotton Claims​

Senator confronts Austin, releases list of purported examples of Black Lives Matter advocacy, anti-white male bias, and diversity efforts​

During a drill weekend, unit leaders held a stand down on race—a pause in their usual training—where they taught troops about white supremacy and the importance of staying apolitical on social media. But one service member balked at the training’s focus on far-right extremist groups, not other organizations like Black Lives Matter or Antifa.

“Anyone who has been face to face with them during the riots will tell you they are in fact well organized militant hate groups,” the service member wrote. “However, we are encouraged to stand with them, but not groups that stand for the Constitution.”

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., says this is one of more than two dozen stories that show the military has gone too far with what another service member called “fake wokeness.” In a memo from Cotton to the Senate Armed Services Committee obtained by Defense One, the senator includes 28 written complaints from troops, which could not be independently verified, about training sessions and regulations that service members argue paint the military as fundamentally ⓇⒶⒸⒾⓈⓉ and support left-leaning groups while labeling conservative movements as extremist.

The Chinese ad makes me want to join the Chinese army. The Russian ad makes me want to join the Russian army. The USA ad makes me want to join the Chinese or the Russian army.
What about Them?

He he.

I probably would do the Russian Army if I had to join any of the three. The Chinese are too demanding of every little thing. The Americans too woke and the Russian a little crazy. I can do Crazy.

The Leadership can fix that in one service wide memo discarding the entire woke BS.


Maybe for similar reasons the left is punishing Manchin and Sinema.... makes sense to me....you?
The democrats haven't punished Sinema or Manchin yet but the GQP has punished Cheney and Kitzinger because they won't get onboard with the Orange Buffoon's big lie.


Sinema and Manchin are behaving like….ummm…old school democrats (the Democrat party from 15 years ago). Cheney is falling in line with these new wack job Democrats.
Dave, Cheney is not falling in line with the democrats as a matter of fact she is a bit too far to the right for me. The only thing that got her in trouble is she has integrity and the rest of the GQP doesn't.
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