Central Transport | This is why you do not stay and help close the freight out.....sad.

That could have been seen coming like a month ago. A freight train so common in this industry.

Fuel cards turned off is usually time to quit and get the hell out before the paychecks stop for good.

One company years ago in Gettysburg got bought by their favorite reciever called exel. A breakbulk warehouse operation. I was out of there weeks prior. All it took was someone in the warehouse office loudly saying, dont worry we are working on acquiring that drivers company and solve your freight problem as I walked by.

That little tidbit took a hour of thinking over smokes. And then decision making. What do I do with it? Well that depended on one thing. I was not going to continue living my life hauling tomato ketchup packets out of Heinz in Toledo overnight to Carlise Exel constantly then sit half the day counting and restacking that little ::shit::.

To this day I cannot bring myself to use those little heinz packets in fast food. I'll get it at home thank you very much.

When the company was bought, it was over very fast. Yard closed, trucks stopped wherever they were to be collected later and the workforce essentially replaced. Eventually the authority was deleted in due time within the Federal Register of Motor Carriers.
Guys from CF are still not paid
I believe that was/is typical for trucking companies.

The Yellow-Preston situation was the exception, and a totally weird closing. My customers all told me on the Monday we closed, that Yellow Corp had sent them emails the previous Saturday telling that we were closed. That Yellow-Preston relationship could never be proved, or we would have been dove-tailed. (And we weren’t).

Our situation wasn’t about money, as much as it was about Yellow taking over Non-Union Saia (Which Preston owned Until Yellow bought us.) Much like your CF-Non-Union Conway situation.
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