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This has to do with 2 things! Unhappy stockholders, #1 and #2 The International denied any talks whatsoever even while ABF said they were going on.Nothing to be gained by ABF by throwing that out there that I can see.The International {Tyson} and our Local leaders were adamant that no way were we taking a cut. Somewhere ABF has offered the Teamsters a deal,a trade-off,something, to change their tune in a eye-blink.I can only speculate because in a short time my well paid leaders said to me you should seriously think about taking what ABF offers.There are many conspiracy theories but to ask us to take a cut equal to YRC reeks of a buy,.. sale,.. or merger.We are not even close to Yellows situation.As a matter of fact business has been turning around for at least the last month or better.We do not need to take a pay cut period.If you feel you must vote for one then think about this and its been said here b4.Vote no this time and they will come back with another offer.They already know what is! And this is what they are counting on getting. Chowda

Have anyone noticed that every update that you've gotten from the union that they remind you that they are preserving our health, welfare, and pension benefits? I always take that as "They're not messing with our money, just yours". They're making sure that Central States gets their overpriced healthcare and pension paid, but don't give a damn if your weekly paycheck is lower.
Justaworkingman...I appreciate your honesty and I understand your frustration. To answer some of your questions, my spouse started at ABF in 1997. As far as cut backs, as I stated over the last 2 years, we received no raises (we are not union) and many benefits were cut. We were just told via a letter what we lost, we did not have the option to speak up nor vote on them. I agree totally with you, I am not saying either of us are right. I just know that I don't want to see any one lose their jobs. It's much easier to deal with a pay or a benefits cut than it is a job cut. I wish you and your family all the best.
I'm going to say something here, I hope people take it the right way.
I don't work for YRC. I did work for another union shop that where I live had almost 800 drivers in Dec 2008. Now in April 2010 there are 85, oh and they're hiring part timer's at $14.00
I wish I had a choice. I lost my job of 14.5 years, where I had 400 people below me.
It's bad out there. It may not seem right,may not even feel right, But having no job is the pitts.
I've worked 45 days in the last 15 months.
Still looking now.
Questions, details please feel free to PM me.
My best to all
I work for yrc and can tell you once the co gets its hand in your pocket you will never get it back.They took our pension and I'll bet it will never come back,I really hope not but I've been through this twice before.We were supposed to share the pain equally but our coo took 600,000 and walked,our ceo only took 10 % cut all the while we gave up 15% and lost our pension.Now they have cut our ranks by over half and don't bring people back even when we need them.The management treats us like sh-- and run arounds are common place,I'm a 710 member and the B A Ed B doesn't know the meaning of repersentation. If this sounds like a good deal just vote YES.Sometimes when I'm sitting for 2or3 days i think unemployment might not be so bad. i'll go back to my corner now.Good Luck to my union brothers,I truly hope it works out for you. :popcorn:
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