This Weeks Crossword Answers

Gee whiz.....Big Dave must get awful lonely out at the Coopderosa....I went to breakfast with him this morning at Myrtle's diner and when Helen came by to refill our coffee cups she notice BD had some pancake syrup on his cheek, ..get this... he got all smitten and starry-eyed when she said "hey ya big goomer yer suppose to eat it not wear it... that's why we give ya napkins "...........he kinda looks like he's in what some people would call love. (see photo below)
Well I'm down at Coop HQ today to see BD and give him the number of a good dermatologist and as walked by the new hire bulletin board this guy's picture caught my eyes, he's the shop's new wheel alignment guy. (see photo below)
He used to be my bodyguard. I’d have Chameleon, thats his nickname, stand in front of me so nobody could sneak up behind me.
I just got this over the tele-type from Roger Larson....psst.... the dude doesn't even have a camera so he draws what he sees....anyhoo Big Dave had some kind of an issue with his retro rockets on his new Coop Space Coupe and had to set her down at the USAF Strategic Air Command Base outside of Cedar Rapids which is just across the road from Roger's place, according to Roger it was a real what some people would call a tense situation (see drawing below) until they figured out it was just BD.

Big news out of the Coop's restoration shop, the Moldos have finally fulfilled one of Big Dave's dreams....yep they just finished redoing the family sedan from BD's childhood.......psst.... I'm guessing they were all what some people would call larger than life size wise. ( see photo below)
Wonder if the shop could help restore this pickup I bought at the YRC auction?
Geez I was walking home from breakfast and lunch and this bastard starting asking me questions for no reason.....I got what some people would call confused.
Ohhh yeah (See video up there)
Can’t believe it. Asked for a Hamm’s, and these bastards said they didn’t have it?
Why those convenient screw-top 16oz lightweight can bastards.....
season 4 florida GIF by Broad City
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