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Company always trying to intimidate do they realize that qualified drivers only occupy a seat ? They aren't paroles or prisoners.

Be glad you have people show up for subpar benefits and 68mph gutted trucks.
I’ve never once felt threatened in my 14+ years here. I don’t agree with the speed policy and am not a fan of how the job is now micromanaged, but it’s their trucks and their rules, I played along until I got tired of what the job has become and now I no longer drive. There are lot of highly trained people in corporate whose jobs are, in part, to figure out what the driver pool is willing to bear, from policies to pay and benefits. They know they’ll never please everyone as they try meet safety, operational, and customer service goals but I assume they do what they do because it’s what works the best for them overall.
I really don't have much interaction with management other than getting my paperwork. Just do my thing and go home. The benefits are definitely better than any other non union company that I know of. Nothing is perfect for sure but so far they've been good. What part of the benefits are you not liking? Having a "difficult" person to interact with can make things miserable but just keep things to a minimum would be my advice.
I worked at WMS for 5 years and was never threatened. Jeff the old TM was a great guy and John the new TM was always fair to me.

I was indirectly retaliated against by Pittsburgh for taking FMLA twice in 2 years to treat a disabling neurological illness, or maybe it was a coincidence I started running an unfamiliar area with 21 deliveries. I was still one of their best drivers, John's own words, and worked harder with my illness than some guys did in perfect health. The workload was unreasonable and they got what they wanted.

I have since taken my dream job with a more much relaxed pace of work. If anyone wants out of WMS I can get you in. I make 1 delivery in an area I used to make 21.
Best of luck to you. It’s good to see credit given where it’s due even when the overall experience was not a good one.
Most people I worked with hated it and were very negative but you don't know how good the benefits and pay are until you go somewhere else.

Wouldn't say it was a bad experience overall, just an unreasonable workload at the end.

Point I was trying to make is I never saw threats.
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