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I'm outta here and leaving it all to Bill:

To: All YRC Worldwide employees

With steady, incremental progress, our organization has come a long way to overcome the challenges of the recession and to restore financial strength. Tim Wicks has been an important member of our team, and together we are all accomplishing what many thought couldn’t be done.

We brought Tim in to help us navigate through a number of extremely difficult and complex challenges; now Tim is moving on. Tim will be returning to his former company, United Healthcare, as a divisional president, and moving back to Minneapolis. With Tim’s departure, effective immediately, the leadership of operations, sales and marketing will report directly to me.

Today, as a company, we have a brighter future. We thank Tim for all he has done at YRCW and wish him the very best as he takes the helm at another organization.

Thank you,
Bill Zollars
Chairman & CEO
YRC Worldwide
I seen it on Yahoo financials in a filing with the SEC I believe.
Boy I thought he was gonna be Zollars replacement, must have lost the power struggle.
Here's the sec filing . Click to make it larger .
This should let all you lovers and dreamers know how all this hope and change of operations is going. Another top dog gives the pos company the finger. Do you think he would have abandon ship if it was going to stay afloat! Bet he walked away with a nice departing bonus. All you yes girls keep giving! And giving and giving somemore!
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Can any members verify this ? I looked at YRCW press releases and there's no notice of this at this time .

Thank you to Old AF who updated me ! Here's the link to Wicks leaving !!

*** bro
[/quote]Oh my goodness. Now that wasn't very nice. :popcorn:
Who cares anymore as long as my goverment check comes in evey week.I can wait out all the B.S. Wicks was a bean counter nothing more .Going fishing good bye. :buttkisser:
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Who cares anymore as long as my goverment check comes in evey week.I can wait out all the B.S. Wicks was a bean counter nothing more .Going fishing good bye. :buttkisser:
[/quote]Don't worry so much. The country China has a lock on YRC. The freight will be back.

YRC President and COO Tim Wicks resigns

(AP) – 1 hour ago

NEW YORK — Trucking company YRC Worldwide said Tuesday that President and Chief Operating Officer Tim Wicks has resigned to work for his former employer, United Healthcare.

Wicks, 44, held the position at YRC for less than seven months. He was previously chief financial officer of the company. Sheila Taylor succeeded Wicks in that role.
Hey he got a extra 600 grand for that 7 months of work. He jumped at thefirst opportunity to get off this TITANIC of trucking. As they say the smart rats are the first ones off the sinking ship. The dumb rats keep trying to bail out the water with a bucket with no bottom... :chairshot: :chairshot:
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