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YRC Time to stand and push back

Discussion in 'YRC Freight' started by shamrock101, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. shamrock101

    shamrock101 Member

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    its time to stand as men and vote NO , lets send a clear message to YRC and the IBT ......NO PENTION NO VOTE ....lets through it back in YRC s lap and see what other offer they come up with instead of just taking the first threat .....push back!!!!!!!!!!
  2. logan1210

    logan1210 Member

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    welsh call u yrc guys lazy bums **** him vote no
  3. anotherdayanother85cents

    anotherdayanother85cents Member

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    Everyone needs to understand Central states pension fund is screwed. Its out of YRCW and the Unions hands, the pension fund is predicted to become insolvent by 2023 even if yrcw paid all the money it owes to the fund it would only delay the insolvency
    the future of the pension fund is in the hands of the government. go check it out at solutionsnotbailouts.com and you can see the government hearing on the issue at "Strengthening the Multiemployer Pension System: How Will Proposed Reforms Affect Employers, Workers, and Retirees?" | Education & the Workforce Committee

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