Holland | Time to stop buying the poor me syndrome.

Far too many are hung up on "we gave back" actually through negotiations (MOU) we just recieve less pay than original contract. This means less money going out in wages to employee, not money coming back to company. I am not to sure that everyone understands cash flow in a business.

Do i believe that company has some really good accounts and can massage numbers to show a loss? Yes I do.
What happened to the members who were suppose to set on board and oversee the books?
Why were top execs given bonus if someone was watching the books?
Why do drivers tear up freight to prove a point?
Why do drivers miss load freight to prove a point?
Etc I could go on and on.

We did sacrifice allot, but we still have a job to do and do as we were hired not as we see fit.
Do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution?
We don't tear up freight to prove a point! We don't misload to prove a point! We still take pride in our work! It is a reflection on US personally! We do what upper management tells us.. Blame them
They tell you tear up freight and miss load?
Heck yeah. We are robots. And do what they say! Put that louisville on that st louis trailer heck yeah buddy oops changed my mind take it off that one and put it back .. ooops Uh er oh dang just shut it down we gotta make the cut Yes Sir mr supervisor
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