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To owner-operators: not 100% satisfied with your dispatcher?

Discussion in 'Driver Recruiting /Advertising' started by Jsxtrucking, Apr 24, 2017.

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  1. Jsxtrucking

    Jsxtrucking New Member

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    Have you ever felt like you did not get enough money for the load? Have you ever felt like your dispatcher did not plan your route ahead of time to make sure you won’t end up in bad areas? Have you ever tried getting a hold of your dispatcher in a crucial moment but he was not answering his phone? Have you ever felt like your dispatcher is not trying hard enough to get your deserved detention fees? Well, I am sure you have answered “Yes” to at least two of those questions, and you definitely deserve better!

    If you have your own MC and operate a Van or Reefer, here is where I can help you: My name is Jay and I have over two years of experience in the field and I am working with most of the major broker companies, daily perfecting my negotiation skills and establishing key connections with other trucking companies. I do everything to plan the best routes and get my drivers the best loads for the best amount of money while providing a 24/7 dedicated service along the way.

    As a part of growing my business, you can benefit from my contacts, experience and dedication. I can help you get the best out of your trucking business. In addition to getting you better money for your loads, you will have my personal phone number to help you throughout your journey, from the second you agree to pick up a load, until the moment you get paid for it. I will be there to assist you if you would have issues with loading or unloading, help you find road assistance if you break down, help you manage and track received payments, and help you get detention fees.

    Get better service for your money!

    Call me now for more info about my service and my competitive rates,

    (386) 585.08.09 Jay

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