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Hi all. I'm wondering what your guys top rate is and how much you guys bring in annually. I'd like to join Dayton and I'm just trying to get some info. Thanks
.718 on linehaul until the May raise and I can't imagine any of the drivers at my place grossing less than $100k from here on. I've been over 110 for the last two years, but I'm an idiot and we were extremely busy until we got staffed up. Some terminals have more higher-mileage runs and others don't run as much as we do, so 100 might be less common at other barns.

I've been hearing some city guys complain about OT drying up with the new hires so you need to budget for a 40-hr week and take the rest as gravy. Guys get into trouble when they get a bunch of toys that require 60-hr weeks to pay for.