ODFL | Trailers coming out of storage


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The past few weeks I've noticed a lot of old trailers coming back into the fleet for instance,I havent seen a rib side,or ex UW,Bob's,or Priority pup in what seems like a long time(year or so)the last two weeks I've pulled one or two of them on every eastbound trip,Good news business wise,but I hope these wagons are being checked out by the shops before being sent back into service I havent seen any big problems with these pups yet but a lot of rusty unlubricated landing gears that'll give you a pretty good workout,and you gotta be kind of patient waiting for the brakes to release,remember to give these a full pre-trip inspection especially things like pintle hook plungers,lugs,the condition of the air couplings(front/back)and the FHWA Inspection sticker is still current(an expired inspection will put unit out of service)along with the usual items.Remember,be careful out there!!
There are tons of old beat up pups sitting in our yard that are up for sale. Ultimately I think their plan is to have all deck trailers. When they find a buyer in a certain city they'll load em up and send it to that terminal, unload it, and make it available to the buyer. As far as inspections go, I think the shop makes the very minimum repairs just to get it to destination, but they are safe enough to get there. They may fall apart shortly thereafter.
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