Central Transport | Trip Numbers? Log books?

The trip numbers are 8 digits long. That is used to verify your payroll when it's short. I usually just remember the last 4 #'s and write them down when I get the chance. Yea, just taking a chance. Now the manifest #'s are 13 digits long and he should fill that out on his log before he departs the lot. I don't set in the lot waiting for LH to get on the phone since sometimes I'm 25 miles on the road.

Log books are another story. Too much crap on one page, but it has to be done. Only one line for the trailer #'s, mani. #'s ect. When the driver first starts over at CT, you MUST use their logbooks and not a VT log. Just remember, VT logs from noon to noon and the CT logs are from midnight to midnight.

Forgot to add-- 24 hr. log ONLY!! Off for 2 or 3 day weekend= 2 or 3 logsheets. On 2 week vacation, that's right--14+ log sheets. Short term or long term disability? Hey, you ain't doing anything anyway.
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