Truck tumbles off Mendocino County highway

Thanks for your crash post 511monkey.
Looks like that trucker shouldn't have taken that route.
Although he,or she may have been delivering lumber for a house in the hills.
In which case a better route should have been planed,but we all know hindsight is worthless.
I found this on the mishap:

Big rig driver goes over embankment on narrow section of State Route 175

A truck driver hauling plywood on Thursday afternoon tried to drive through a narrow turn on State Route 175, slid down an embankment and walked away unharmed.

The driver, identified by the CHP as 39-year-old Christopher Cortez, of Lodi, drove his big rig on a one-lane section near the Lake-Mendocino County line restricted to vehicles longer than 39 feet. It’s unclear how long his rig was but authorities said it far exceeded that maximum length.

Cortez, who was wearing a seatbelt, declined medical attention after the crash, said Kiuya Brown, a special duty officer for the CHP’s Ukiah division.

“He was very lucky and he knew that,” Brown said.

The incident happened at 1:25 p.m. about 5 miles east of Hopland where the state road was reduced to a single lane where Caltrans built a retaining wall to support a nearby hillside.

Posted signs on the state route warn drivers that vehicles longer than 39 feet are prohibited from passing through, said Phil Frisbie Jr., a Caltrans spokesman. The big rig far exceeded that length, Brown said.
WOW, let us count the MISTAKES on a restricted rd (posted signs ) and the load was Top Heavy on a severe curb with one lane and NO shoulder , GEE at least you would think the guy would EASE through there with FLASHERS on stopping every two feet checking the TANDEMS !
With such a short length restriction,removing the Semi & plywood must have been a real tough job.
Thank you for your follow-up post 511monkey.
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