Trucker’s dash cam captures a red light intersection crash and a dangerous shoulder pass that happened in one wild day in Kansas




CDLLife reader Kent recently sent two dash cam videos that were captured during one very eventful December day in Kansas.

Kent told CDLLife:

“These both happened the same day in Kansas. The first video is a daytime clip. Light turns green and I start ahead then hesitate when another semi “blows the red light” and crosses the intersection, nearly hitting the red car opposite my truck. The red car stops briefly to allow the semi to clear the intersection, then proceeds on her way, failing to yield to my truck. After the crash and a wasted hour or so I resumed my day.”

“The second clip, the night one, was potentially more dangerous. As traffic approaches me, I became aware that the vehicle behind me was attempting to pass me. I could tell this vehicle, now beside me, was not going to be able to complete his pass. Before the oncoming traffic reached me, I moved toward the right shoulder. The car beside me had another idea. Sure was nice of him to use his turn signal after the incident,” Kent said.

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What an idiot...I hope the "dumb MF-er" he was referring to was himself A) for not paying attention to the red car B) proceeding anyways and C) letting anyone see this video proving he is a dumb MF-er..... like Rudolph people will point and call him names.
I am going to say Jorge was driving, with Ted, and Wayne in the sleeper telling him to go….
who is this Jorge guy...??

is he like Stacey Q..????
Jorge was a moronic driver from the News thread who tried to squeeze his rig through a 10 '6" tunnel even though he was wearing rather large eye glasses he still failed to see the "Low Clearance" sign or the fact that the tunnel was tiny..... Jorge is any dumb driver now.
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