Yellow | Trucker looks to complete the 1,000-piece 'Spirited Sprites'

[quote author=Jeff link=topic=79697.msg825789#msg825789 date=1272625725]
Tubbs needs an outlet. He has been living in a tidy one-bedroom apartment since his job shifted him to the Wausau area. Tubbs is an over-the-road trucker who drives for YRC Worldwide, a freight company.
[/quote]Well I hope he finds something soon. There are some truck driving jobs in Chicago. I would suggest him to go onto ( an type up (truck driver) in one box, and (where he lives) in the other box. The mileage can be adjusted of where he lives. See if he can find someting there.

I just hope he doesn't decide to work for this place below, because if he does he will need some sun glasses. :biglaugh:
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