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Tucker Carlson Says Joe Biden Might Want War With Russia to Improve Poll Numbers


In the video he said: "So let's say you are the President of the United States, you wake up one morning and look at your poll numbers and you find yourself somewhat less popular than chlamydia.

"What do you do? You have already lost control of the border and of the economy of the society itself so maybe you would start a war with Russia.
I can’t say with Brandon’s dismissal everything this has crossed my mind.
His handlers can probably coach that senile old fool into anything.


US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions
Our politicians taking money from foreign or multinational corporations and foreign our biggest weakness.
The world knows it.
Our government is infested with people acting like they serve 2 master' reality they only serve one....whatever interest that gives them money and future wealth opportunities. And if that interest is foreign or makes money from foreign interests....they serve the foreign interest.


Nearly every war this country has engaged in, the last 150 years, has been fomented by ‘the behind the scenes Illuminati, bankers, gun merchants, etc.) that our political parties(both) have become beholden too.
‘War’ is very profitable, regardless of which side wins or losses.

Northern Flash

Let's go Brandon!

Tucker Carlson Says Joe Biden Might Want War With Russia to Improve Poll Numbers​

Liz Cheney taking sides with Joe Biden makes a lot more sense now. Her military industrial complex lobbyists are twisting her arm.
No wonder she seems to like Biden. Big money waiting on the horizon.

Northern Flash

Let's go Brandon!
None of these other distractions that the Democrats are producing is working to keep the attention off Brandon and his steady flow of screw ups, so don't think for a second that some kind of military action isn't on the horizon.