ODFL | Two New Terminals

They opened a new 63 door terminal on 16330 Katy Hockley Rd in Hockley Tx 77477 last month Google map is still showing an open field. But the website says open and it shows the building only 13 miles from my house hope to get on when they are hiring..
Some of these are already built and waiting , some are being built right now , and some have just gotten past the land purchase stage. At least three more used buildings that are or have been renovated .
We've been hearing about a possible Rock Hill terminal for at least 5 years. Not sure where it's at in the planning stage. Haven't heard anything lately.
Only reason I asked is because I’m interested. I drove by and they have broke ground and very heavy man power. Looks like they are moving quick since January
New Terminal code DRX . I am told this is Del Rio TX with 4 doors. Fedex and XPO close by with bigger terminals, so enough freight to support a building