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U.s. House Passes Butch Lewis Act (nwlaborpress.org)

Discussion in 'Central States Pension Fund Discussion' started by Freightmaster1, Aug 2, 2019.

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    “This shows when we all act together we can get anything done. We got Democrats…we got Republicans, and we can get this to the Senate and get the bill passed, and then we can live in peace knowing we have our pensions,” Lewis said.
    “We all whooped and cheered,” said Karen Friedman, executive vice president of the Pension Rights Center, “and the members of Congress on the floor looked up at us and waved while they also cheered.”
    U.S. House passes Butch Lewis Act | nwLaborPress

    U.S. House passes Butch Lewis Act | nwLaborPress
    The bill would give federal loans to union multi-employer pension plans to prevent their collapse.

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