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I work 16 hours of my week COMPLETELY unsupervised, i work another 14 hours after that a week with only my steward on duty, i work only 9 ( NINE ) hours a week with official c ompany question is...HOW DOES ANY MGR, RVP, SVP, CEO, ETC let that be an acceptable practice at any size opperation in this company...I assure you , things are in better hands when i'm alone than they are when I'm gone....somebody help me out here....I feel like I could be set up to be robbed, set up as a thief, or who knows what? SUGGESTIONS....
i remember going in to work on sunday night to spot. there wouldn't be anyone else there for hours, if i got hurt or if thier was some type of emergency. other then that, i kinda liked it, i had my work, i could do what i wanted when i wanted, and i didn't have someone looking over my shoulder all the time.
i really liked it when i would take sunday off and the sup would forget about it.
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