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Personally, the way I look at it, I'm embarrassed to have to be talked to (or coached) about anything. When you've been doing this type of job for as long as many of us have, we should be ashamed or embarrassed when we screw up, not just with driving, but screwing anything up.
I guess that I've always taken pride in my work and not needing a damn babysitter.
Maybe I'm weird.

Taking criticism and discussing how you may or may-not be right or wrong is difficult for most of us. However, that's how we learn. There's always someone better, more experienced, or sees something in a different way. I think it's great they want to talk about it but only if they go in with the idea of making you, them, and us safer or better drivers both on the forklift and the trucks. I don't like the idea that it's a way to catch a guy angry or frustrated and get him to do something he may regret.

When I first started and it was explained to me that anytime someone had a really ****ed up trailer or some accident happen that we would all stop immediately and go to the area and discuss what could've been done better or what should happen, etc.. I was really excited by this. I still think this should happen.

I recall our then CEO saying he thought this was a wonderful idea that he learned that happen at some big sawmill or some plant.
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