TForce | UPS Freight tentative agreement is lipstick on a pig

A two-tier system is when one group of workers receives lower wages and/or employee benefits than another, for doing the same work. So it pits the workers against each other.
Here's the proposed changes to the old contract:

That's a hell of a lot to plow through. But I think what it's saying is that people hired this month or after will be paid at a lower wage scale.

Another bad thing about two-tier is that it will give the company an incentive to get rid of Teamsters in the upper tier, because the lower tier people will do the same work for less money.

Two-tier systems hare well known as very bad for the employees. So for any union employee to push their members to vote YES for a tentative contract with two-tier provisions in it, is absolutely sickening and disgusting.

This same ::shit:: is in the UPS package tentative agreement RIGHT NOW. It makes me wonder again if Hoffa and maybe some of the Teamster negotiators are being paid off by UPS. Some might say that's crazy, but that's what happened in the United Auto Workers a few years back. The #1 guy in the union later admitted that he took a payoff to get two-tier approved.
i'm still not clear on it, because i'm busy---have to do some work on the car and thus i don't have time to analyze it, but i'm looking at pg. 16:

i get the impression that new hires will generally start off at the same rate as we did and have the same progression BUT by the time they make top scale, any employee that was at top scale when the new guys were hired will have $1.70 more per hr (due to general wage increase) and any employee that starts now can never catch up?

Really not clear here.
That is exactly how it reads to me. the new hire pay scale is way out of step with todays young worker who will be bypassing UPSF and taking the $22-$26 starting pay at the dozen or so carriers that have inferior benefits. A $18 hr probationary period bumping to a $20 start for inexperienced CDL drivers and allowing 5yr experienced drivers from our competition to start at the 2nd yr progression would solve a whole lot of issues. not to mention a $15 hr starting wage for full time dock workers.
Simply, anyone hired present day will make a minimum of a $1.70 less in top pay.

Basically, you will give the company an incentive to terminate your employment and replace you for less.

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