US Xpress bought by Knight-Swift

Both always struck me and presented themselves as good companies .
Am I right or wrong , anyone ?
well, after seeing accident after accident of Swifties, and Knight maybe not as bad, US Express certainly has had thier fair shares of morons as well behind the wheel.

all in all, out of school trucking companies, that are cheap freight haulers, and will hire anyone to fill the seat.

at one time, there was only like 2 companies that took grads from trucking schools, that were "just ok"

Schneider, and JB Hunt.

with JB being in the "wreck of the week club", and were the joke of the industry, thanks to Swift, they are not anymore, and haven't been for years now.

oh sure there were other companies, like Monson, NAVL (north American van lines), and a few others, but Schneider and JB were the "premium" ones to hire on at, out of trucking schools.

Werner had a minimum of 5 years experience, before they opened up your job application envelope, delivered by snail mail.

gasoline haulers had a minimum of 10 years experience before they let you walk onto thier property.

the standards of drivers dropped decades ago, when i was doing my best, back then to be the best, while all others were still in diapers, sucking on a "binky".

then second chance companies came along, and were hiring former drunks, drug addicts, child molesters, horrendous driving record holders, and thief's....

all to move cheap freight, drive like buttholes, and crash and burn..........

so this new take over..........???

just another meat factory at work...........
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