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YRC Utility Rate of Pay

Discussion in 'YRC Freight' started by wolleyworldd, May 15, 2008.

  1. wolleyworldd

    wolleyworldd Member

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    The big Question kicking around is:

    How will USE (utility service employees) be compensated?

    Four ten hr days?

    Time and a half after eight?

    One dollar more an hour with no overtime pay no matter how long it takes?

    Guaranteed 40 hrs pay week?

    Lets hear it!
  2. bubbadog121

    bubbadog121 Well-Known Member

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    My understanding is(and I could be wrong) that if you are on the four 10 hour days that will be straight time up to 10 then anything after 10 will be O/T.

    Therefore the 5 eight hour days will be a better money maker since time and a half will start after 8.

    There will be different bid start days.I don't know all of the schedules but if your week should start on a Sunday I don't think the will be paying double time but rather straight time.

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