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#YRC Vaccine mandate


US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions
Roll up them sleeves.

If you think Carlisle is backed up now....you ain't seen nothing yet. Get a camper and shower in the lot.


US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions


US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions


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Biden orders all planes, trains and automobiles be vaccinated within 30 days.
Brothers and sisters the moment of true is near, let the country come to standstill and let King Biden know that we will not be pawns of his kingdom, that we refusing to take the poison, we will defend the American Constitution to the end of our possibilities, America is the land of the free, NOBODY in this country can order or mandate anything against our will or impose laws before the approval of Congress or the People. :duel:

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Ok time for people to look back in history to the Polio vaccine , your Grandpa & Grandma was very happy to get one !https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/cor...at-how-vaccines-unfolded-then-vs-now/2611222/ , p.s. All the "COOP" drivers that run outside of Iowa borders lines , have been vaccinated for swine flu too along with covid !!
My grandparents had to wait long after myself and siblings got vaccinated. Little kids were the trial group , and for good reason. Polio was devastating in that age group. My grandparents had a lot of data to go with. Now older folks are most at risk. But why would you give an experimental vaccine to a group of very very low risk kids? Swine flu is back?


US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions
This is their ultimate push to see how much they own people. We've had votes where NPME voted No...so they threaten and lump us into YRC voting block. Then revotes...UPS has had the same. Vote till ya get it right.
The big investors want and they use the union to get.
This crosses the line.
That involved vacation times and pension money and pay.
Now they want to stick you and inject your body with a product which hasn't been thoroughly tested
And they have no liability.
Nobody does.
And they push.
It does nothing.
Doesn't prevent the spread.
Doesn't prevent you from getting it.
But you submitted to one experiment so they push boosters.
This is a violation. Not just money.
And if a union or company does not say no....they are not worth their employees not their members.
And their should be repurcusions for stealing people's time lost at a job and having to leave due to no defense.


Wait till 2024....we'll show em!
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