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:chairshot: just how is it that a company this size take hours when trying to get hold of dispatch. i worked for frieght as line haul 11 years and never remmber taking this long to get hold of dispatch even in the old AF days now doing line haul here what a drag when trying to get redispatched at a dark center any one else have this problem
Thank you for calling Fed Ex National, everyone is too busy to take your call at this time, we are in a communication meeting at this time, please hold or call YRC, ABF, UPS Freight, they are starving for your business. If not, you are # 39 in line. Yes, you can get paid this time waiting, if you go empty the garbage or sweep the yard. :fart: Use the kiosk, put in waiting, explain you were waiting on Central Dispatch, and hope. Then you fill out the proper form in triplicate, make two more copies for the repeat process at a later date and you should get paid 6 weeks from next Thursday. But you should know this, since you worked Freight/Regional. National is trying to copy them in everything they do, right Or just talk to your daytime dispatcher when "he's not so busy". Good Luck
We are growing, that's the good part. Bill at central told me they hired some new help down there. Lets hope they get up to speed soon. I think once they get all the runs straight and the power in place, it should get better.

I call my home terminal if there is any problems. If your terminal isn't staffed 24 hours, call one that is for help.
You can drive and call, or just drive and worry about it later. If they get mad tell them there was to long of a wait for central. You can also call your terminal dispatcher when they get in.
fedex may be able to do alot of things but trying to get cental
straight, what a joke. all you heard for awhile is that linehaul
was costing the company money. i guess so when you have
the dummy"s working in central sending driver"s on a 300 mile
turn with empties and bringing the same empties back. some-
one should lose there job for that but they dont they turn around
and do the same thing the next nite. go ahead central you dummy"s
are doing a great job. and for you guy"s that were working for
watkin"s, god bless you this company aint worth working for. if you
listen there are guy"s loosing there job"s everyday over dumb ::shit::
and most of them have over ten years with the company and if you
have a medical condition where you get prescription drugs and have to
see the doctor once a year, you are on the chopping block. it aint the
company getting rid of you its the companies insurance people telling
them you are costing the company money and we all know when the
company is having to spend to much money on somthing they get rid
of it. :banana:
It's just beyond silly with the technology available today and the backing of a $30 billion parent company...that guys are using the phone and waiting on hold for Central.
What is this, 1982?
I mean, c'mon....
Well Mikey, instead of the usual blast the company you work for, how about an alternative?

They are installing kiosks as fast as they can. There is word that the dark terminals will have a shack or booth where drivers can access them 24/7.

If people didn't call in needlessly, the central reps could take care of important calls. I wonder how many "I have a flat, what should I do?" calls they get? Find a place to get it fixed and call the shop number.

How many "Who's my meet man?" calls do they get a night? Get that info before you leave the yard.
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