Holland | Want to know what Welch and the rest are entitled to by THEIR contract....

That"s simply amazing. Maybe we could join their union. But gotta remember, they're goal setters and they earn their money. (sarcasm intended)
After looking at pages 37 and 43..........do I need to explain why they need more money from YOUR paychecks?
Sure makes it hard to believe their heartfelt pleas for us to " save" the company with our wages doesn't it ?

How's that song go? Something like....."The rich man's busy dancing while the poor man pays the band"?
Welch and company are getting there raises.. If guys would take the time to scroll through this there should not be one yes vote.. sickening!!!
I am out on an withdrawl card because our faithful union leaders could not get my injured on the job claim going. I will not be able to vote, and i will cry again for all that this union & and this company have not done for me.I am typing from my son's computer, I am homeless and no longer have my CDL. I go to food pantries for food, and after reading pages 37-43 i now feel all is lost.
If you want someone to run a good company into the ground, you have to be willing to pay good money.