Originally, Yellow Corp. built the Richfield terminal, south of the turnpike, and leased it to Preston Trucking Company, which Yellow owned. The north terminal loaded points west and the south terminal loaded points east. Neither terminal had enough doors to load all points.
This is happening in other places as well, Phoenix for example.
I love our dispatch system sometimes they can only dispatch to Akron or Cleveland even though trailers are going to the other terminal. For some reason Rock Island can't dispatch to 218 I have 1 trailer for 218 and I am dispatched to 211. I don't bother calling just drop the 218 trailer at 218 walk upstairs to dispatch and they were like you were supposed to go to Akron I'm like I dropped off one of your trailers he couldn't change it, so he had to arrive me in Arkon dispatch me from Akron to Cleveland with their trailer even though it never went there.
Did he really expect you to run it that way? No sense making the computer program efficient, instead, run you the extra miles because “ the computer said so”. :regretful: