WBC heavyweight Champ wants to kill an opponent

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    Deontay Wilder on Killing Somebody in Boxing Ring: 'I Want a Body on My Record' - Bleacher Report https://apple.news/AbGMFTs1oQLaOTZFZrwcuWQ

    "I want a body on my record," he said. "I want one. I really do. ... That's the Bronze Bomber. He want one. When I'm the Bronze Bomber I don't care. I want that on my record

    He wants to take an opponents life , “ he really does”

    What a damn shame.
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    I think it was China that holds blood fights / no limit fights. Jean claud van dam did a movie on it but can't think of the title.

    If this dude can't find what he's looking for there ? It doesn't exist
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    I guess that this guy has the right to say whatever he wants, but he sounds like a jackass saying something so stupid.
    Wishing death on an opponent is about as classless as you could be.
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