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So all old posts gone. I Think that was a bad decision to do.
A lot of very useful info gone just like that.
Oh well, guess we'll see how it goes from here.
me too.......i was trying to read up on another termination and kicked me back to the new one.
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just wanted my name to first on every post in here bwahahahahahahah it won't last but a min or two but I have now replied to every Conway post on the board.
While vB has a nice feel to it, for some reason I just hate it. I guess it's the free-open-source part of me coming out. I have been a *nix nerd all my life and still like phpBB. SMF was one that I thought was a real contender with vB, but i haven't had much time to play on the admin side of things with it, other than a few local installs.

vB is very smooth in the heat of action, I used to mod and smod on forums with 300,000+ members and vB rarely skipped a beat. Glad you guys found something that will make the mods and admins much more comfortable.

YaBB is another great open source board, but the limitations it has with regards to a database make it very difficult for a forum of this size.

Hope the mods and admins enjoy the comfy toys that come with vB. :)
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