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welcome to vitran


Active Member
i have to say i told you so to those milan drivers who said on here i was full of it when i told you months ago vitran was going to buy you. i hope all goes well for you.most things will not change at first but slowly they will and you will see like the rest of us how screwed up vitran is. family companies treat you alot better that corperations. its been 4 years since vitran brought pjax and they have really screwed us the last 3 years. first they froze our raises,cut out safety bonuses, and then stop contrbutions to our 401k and profit sharing. then 6 months later cut our pay 5%. in the last year vitran has brought 2 more supply chain companies and now milan express. they dont fixed or buy new equipment and try cutting your runs and hours. the ceo and upper management continue to give themselves $25,000 bonuses and put thousands into their personal company paid retirement.also thet buy huge amounts of company stock. we work longer and harder for less pay,while they keep telling us how bad the economy is. im grateful to have a job, but be aware of whats to come for you guys. it happened to chris truck lines before us also. this is just a heads up.


New Member
Yep, I agree, I put in 6 yrs there untll a couple mo. ago, I was in Indy same old sob story, things are tough we cant give any raises or your 5% back or match your 401k again, Junk equip.Everybody is pissed about something etc. I really feel bad for some of these pjax guys ,I was making $3 more an hr. than a couple of the guys I knew and they had in more years. everybody was making a diff. amount an hr. except vitran drivers that topped out ,like me.(then had 5% taken away) I HAD to get away.


Active Member
Has anyone ever accused you of being a whiny baby? You were topped out and left because they axed 5%? You had to get away. Away to what? Are really better off today? The 5% is coming back this year. Those 4 weeks vacation are sounding better and better.


New Member

I'm a Milan driver with a question on benefits. i've asked & keep getting blown off. How does the vacation policy and insurance go with Vitran? At Milan, I had to wait 9 months for vacation. I was really close when we got bought out, and now I don't know how much longer I have to wait for a day off. I've been working everyday for eight months now. Could anyone help please! Thank you.


I can give you the pittsburg number tosee about benefits 1-800-245-1244 x104 maybe they can direct you to the indy number.It's 1 year b/4 vacations unless they use time with milan,but i doubt it.They have sign up once a year.Good luck