well, I'm starting a "job search"

back in my wrench turning days, i as told by one of my helpers, that i should own a bar, as i do not drink...

that was like back in the mid 1970's...

to this day, i "might" have 1 or 2 beers when it's hot, muggy outside, and i have been doing yard work..

otherwise, i don't touch the stuff, meaning, i'd not be drinking away the profits...
You would be hired in a short second Pro .
Best bartenders are the non drinking ones.
Pro , just look for a place close by , clean nice , some staff to help bring up product.
I think you would make a grand bartender , for real man !
well i applied (thru Indeed) for 2 jobs. part time....about 2 weeks ago...



i guess the labor market is all full up, in spite of "help wanted" signs all over the place....

gotta be that age discrimination stuff.
So, this termite walks into a beer joint and asks....." where is the bar tender? "
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