Pitt-Ohio | What’s going on at Richmond, VA Terminal? Keep seeing you guys hire linehaul


TB Lurker
Bro I keep my eyes on indeed and I always see Pitt Ohio hiring Linehaul off street. Why though? You guys get free healthcare and have mostly drop and hook. I don’t understand how I keep seeing positions for the company?

It’s got me curious to ask lol. Like there’s no way you are telling me new positions keep opening up so frequently. Most be something going on at the terminal. Reminding me of Central transport from my area.
I occasionally relay with rch. They have allot of newer Linehaul drivers. I know they have had some retirements and had some quit. Business has picked up over last couple years so they are increasing head count. I also have noticed that company wide some of the new hires since about 2020 don’t really want to work.